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LegacyHillsFarm LLC in Kewaskum WI.

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We came to the realization in 2011 that boarding a horse is difficult, and most people had the same feelings. We boarded horses at numerous barns over the past 20 plus years. So with this experience, we had a vision of how we wanted our horses to be cared for and wanted to open our farm to a small group of boarders. We started looking for a farm in the fall 2011 and finally found the farm in August 2012 and LegacyHillsFarm LLC in Kewaskum was started.

We have been horse boarding in West Bend, Kewaskum area for over 5 years now.

People love their horses and they are entrusting the care to someone else. Too many times this trust breaks down for many reasons, mainly due to the care, or an owner feels they do not have any say in how their horse is cared for. When someone is paying for board for their horse, they are a customer; therefore, they should feel comfortable in discussing the care of their horse with the barn owner.

We understand that horses have different nutritional needs; based on age, work load, special health needs, and metabolism. The mentality of “one size fits all” no longer works. We will consult with owners and will feed the grain or pelleted feed that you prefer. We also feed a high quality hay that has been tested. Hay rations are not based on the size of the horse. A horse may have nervous energy and will start chewing the walls; if they are receiving only 2 flakes of hay in their stall at night. Which leads me to my next set of beliefs.

Too many times horses are out in the winter months in a small paddock with nothing to do after they eat their morning ration of hay. These horses become bored, stressed, and cold; they need forage to keep their system running smoothly. We have multiple hay feeders (slow feeders) in each track, along with automatic waterers, and salt blocks for the horses.

Unfortunately we have some extreme weather to deal with in Wisconsin. The large stalls have slow hay feeder, automatic waterer,  and a view. This translates into a calmer horse that does not feel closed in and the slow feeder full of hay keeps them occupied.

We are an advocate for the horse being out if at all possible; if only for a few hours on the bad days. Horses need room to roam. We have a track system for everyday turnout where the horses can move and explore .

We want to share our farm with people who love their horses. The farm should be a place where you can get away from the world, relax, and enjoy your horse.

Legacy Hills Farm LLC in Kewaskum is a small private boarding farm that offers a personal touch when caring for horses. So if your looking for horse boarding in Kewaskum give us a call.

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Vistors petting the horses at Legacy Hills Farm West Bend WI

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Stall Barn at Legacy Hills Farm LLC Kewaskum WI

Farm Service/Features

60' x 120' riding arena.

Jumps, Cavalettis, Cones, Barrels, and Ground Poles for your use.

Heated Tack Room.

Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Soda, Water, and Treats for your enjoyment.

20 Acres with Riding Trail around hay fields.

 High Quality Hay Grown on our Farm.

 All stalls have windows for ventilation, sizes 10x12, or 12x16, depending on availability.   

Summer fans are provided.

Heated Waterers inside and out, for unlimited water 24/7.  Water is filtered to remove Iron.

Horses personally handled 2x daily to and from Stall Barn.

Paddock Paradise Tracks for horses to exercise on daily.  

Graveled areas on Tracks to help minimize mud.

2 Grass Pastures. 

Tracks cleaned regularly as part of parasite prevention.  

Regular Worm Testing and Followup Treatment of Horses when needed. 

Electric Fencing for Horse Safety.

Stable 1 and Stabul1 Plus low iron/low starch Pelleted Grain fed 2x daily with additional supplements offered if owner requests.

Salt Blocks provided on tracks year round.

Fly Control spring through Fall with natural Fly Predators.

Blankets, Fly Masks, Fly Spray application, for Horses taken care of year round.

Free Trailer Parking.

No Outside Board offered. 


Feeding Program

Equine Feeding for a long Life

We feed Stabul 1 and Stabul 1 Plus Equine feed. We have our soil and

hay tested; provide a formulated vitamin mineral supplement to ensure

that all horses’ on the farm vitamins and minerals are balanced.

Stabul 1 -

A high-quality, low carbohydrate horse feed specifically designed for

horses, ponies and mules that are prone to being overweight, and have

had, or are prone to Equine polysaccharide storage myopathy (EPSM),

insulin resistance (IR), equine metabolic syndrome, Cushing’s disease or

laminitis and colic issues. This feed is produced without corn, oats, or

molasses. This feed is a locked formula and maintains less than 10%

starch and sugar. No additional iron is added.

Stabul 1 Plus -

A low sugar horse feed specifically designed for horses that are in work,

a hard keeper, or a senior horse that may have existing or past metabolic

issues. Stabul 1 Plus offers a specially formulated diet for a hard-keeper

or senior horses that have existing or past metabolic issues. This feed is

produced without corn, oats or molasses and we maintain less than 10%

starch and sugar. We recommend this low sugar horse feed with corrected

fat and protein for horses in regular/hard work, This feed is a locked

formula and maintains less than 10% starch and sugar. No additional

iron is added.

“Where Horses Thrive”

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